Alivira successfully launched Chick-ProTM and DiscoTabTM

Alivira successfully launched Chick-ProTM and DiscoTabTM

Alivira is India's largest and 1st global animal health company offering APIs and formulations. 

We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in 5 countries including India's only USFDA approved API facility, marketing presence in more than 100 countries and employing 1000+ people.

The API business is characterised by long established relationships with Global Top 10 Animal Health companies. Our commitment is to improve animal's life and well-being at every stage of their life.

We have conducted our annual meet in Hotel Sayaji at Indore in the month of April, 2019. It was three day session designed with special focus on two product launches. Dr. Sanjay Gapat, Senior Product Manager delivered product launch presentation and technical talk on Chick-ProTM & DiscoTabTM. He explained How Superior Gut Compatible Synbiotic - Chick-ProTM- Support's Gut Colonisation with beneficial microflora from Day 1, Prevents enteric infections and early chick mortality, Improves Gut Integrity, Immunity & Performance. He also communicated on why first pick of the chick and exposure of beneficial microflora is vital for future gut colonisation. Chick-ProTM is the most beneficial symbiotic formulation which gives better results during high challenges.

Being Alivirian, We understand the increasing importance of bio-security programmes in modern 'best practice' farming and are therefore committed to finding ways to help counter the rising threat of bacterial and viral disease. Disease outbreaks increase farm costs, decrease income and have a negative impact on consumer confidence. Effective disinfection is the front line in any farm bio-security programme, so choosing the most convenient, protective and broad spectrum biocidal is very essential. Looking into the current challenges in bacterial & viral disease outbreaks and heavy losses at farmers end, Alivira came up with The Most Convenient & Protective way of Farm Biosecurity - DiscoTabTM: Protection & Convenience at its Best!

DiscoTab TM is a Broad Spectrum Biocide in an Easy to Use Tablet Form which provides assured protection for poultry operations, Ideal for the pathogen control and first responder in emergency disease outbreaks. DiscoTabTM is convenient to store and easy to handle which simplifies the preparation of an accurately dosed Biocidal solution in tablet form. Suitable for High & Low volume applications, readily soluble in tap water. Best in multiple operations/applications: Aerial Spray, Surface cleaning, Equipment's washing & Terminal farm cleaning. Dr. Sanjay also explained below mentioned top 4 reasons to buy DiscoTabTM:

1.Synergistic in Action-Combination of two powerful oxidizing agents
2.Rapid Biocidal -Faster rate of killing
3.Effective in the presence of Organic matter & Wide range of pH
4.User friendly Formulation-Available in Tablet form.

On a final note, Alivira Sales team interacted with Dr. Sanjay & Dr. Gopal for their doubts on newly launched products.

Alivira MD - Mr. Manish Gupta & HR Head - Mr. Prasad Lad showcased their presence and motivate

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